business finance faq

Business Finance FAQ

What can I use business finance for?
Business finance is available for any business purpose. It is not available for personal finance requirements.

What is the minimum I can borrow?


What is the maximum amount I can borrow?
No limit, the amount will depend on the value of your project security.

What are the minimum & maximum terms I can borrow for?
1 month minimum, 12 months maximum.

What can you provide business finance for?
Large residential development, investment loans, commercial projects such as airports, solar, hydro and nuclear power stations, marinas, gold field development, oil and coal field development, machinery finance, farm and earthmoving equipment finance, commercial finance, share portfolio loans, start up finance, vehicle finance, land development, equipment finance, and more.

What security is needed?
Security must be property. It can be infrastructure, mines, high rises - anything is considered as long as it is property.

What are your interest rates?
Interest rate is fixed for the period of the loan and is generally lower than the bank rates. (Each loan is priced according to risk.)

For what time period is business finance available?
Loan terms 1 to 25 years. (You can have 2 years interest capitalised with the option to roll for a further two years, or you can take 25 year standard loan terms).

Do you provide business finance for international projects?
Yes, funding is global, however politically unstable zones are excluded from our services.

What is the LVR for this type of finance?
Finance can be up to 100% of the value or cost.

Are pre-sales required for development loans?
No pre-sales required but experience in development is required. Finance for purchase or refinance of established property is available as well.

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