about business finance

About Business Finance

We are an independent business finance group servicing business clients in Australia and worldwide. We use our own funds as well as sourcing investor funding. Loans range from small business loans of $50,000 and up. Our specialty, however, are established companies with sufficient security that require more than $100 million for large projects. Corporations and governments in need of large sums of money (several billion) are welcome to use our services as well.

Our areas of expertise include commercial finance, investment loans, vehicle finance, large residential development, land development, share portfolio loans, commercial projects such as airports, solar, hydro and nuclear power stations, marinas, equipment finance, start up finance, machinery finance, farm and earthmoving equipment finance, gold field development, oil and coal field development and more.

We listen to our clients and we are providing the best financial solutions in an efficient, fast and professional manner. Our terms and conditions are often more favourable than the ones provided by mainstream banks.

For your next business venture consider using our services.

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